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Camouflage Print - More Than a Fashion Statement to Me

For the past seven years, camouflage (camo) print fashion pieces have appeared on both the runway and the streets. The neutral tone print is one of few unisex prints, is worn by infants to senior citizens, and has been seen across culture, nationality and nations. Currently camouflage is one of the most diverse prints in the world.

Utilized by worldwide military forces throughout history since the 19th century, camouflage print is still used by the military to reduce the visibility of soldiers and equipment during war. Over the years, camouflage print has been manufactured in many designs, patterns and colors, and has been popular in the civilian world of art and fashion since early 1915. The popular print resurfaced again outside the military as civilian street wear in the early 70s. After U.S. soldiers were discharged from the military during and after the Vietnam War, the one piece of military clothing that was coveted was the military-issued camouflage field jacket that at the time was only issued to specialized military units such as the Army’s long-range renaissance patrol members. Although it was thought by some to be a fashion statement and by most as a political symbol statement, neither was the case. The newly discharged Vets were unemployed and unable to find work after their tour of duty ended, and wore the jackets out of necessity. The jackets were warm, durable, and in most cases, it was the only jacket they owned.

The print resurfaced again in the 80s, with teenagers and hunters alike sporting all sorts of apparel in signature print. Some retail experts credited U.S. military exercises in Lebanon and Grenada for the trend. The re-modernized form of the print resurfaced slowly and with minimum attention in 2010; however, is currently making a strong comeback. Today there are many camouflage patterns and color combinations that complement these patterns. The print is being utilized in today's fashion and has been seen on many designer runways.

Shown here in the form of shorts, jeans and top worn by Army Veteran Statement Girl Dana and myself. The traditional green/black/khaki print, or what you call, Army Fatigues is both our favorite and is still considered the most popular color/pattern due to neutral tones and the ability to be paired with almost any color, ranging from black, white, red, yellow and orange. This color/pattern combination alone will keep this "FABULOUS" print trending in the fashion world for many years to come. So when you see me rocking my camo, yes I am making a fashion statement, but I am also displaying my patriot pride, knowing that I served and honored my country and dawned this print almost every day for five plus years. Camo print is more than a fashion statement to me.

On this Veterans Day, lets us honor Statement Girl Alumni, Dana N. Matthews, Jacqueline King, Pamela Hart Vines and all the Dime Pieces who served. ARMY LEAN! ARMY LEAN! Whoa! Thank you for your Service Chica’s!

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