ABOUT Antoinette Marie

My Lifelong Love Affair With Fashion

Hello Ladybugs! Let me introduce myself to you, I'm Antoinette Marie Driscoll, from Dayton, Ohio.  Although I did not take on the appearance of my beautiful mother (The Original Foxy Brown), I did inherit a few key traits from her such as her legs, her bold confidence, obsessive addiction for shoes, and the love of fashion.  Yes, a serious love triangle that continues on to this day.

As a young girl, I was always very aware that I had a keen eye for fashion and the talent to style clothes, shoes, and accessories together that made a statement.  Not wanting to put a financial hardship on my family, despite my dreams to study fashion, I missed my early calling to become a fashion designer.  Instead, I joined the Army after high school, and served my country for five plus years.  When I was Honorably Discharged, I went on to pursue and obtained a Masters degree in business by taking classes at night, while working for various Government  contracting companies during the day.  I still currently work in the Government contracting arena but, when I leave the office, my life is all about "The Statement Piece."


The Statement Piece is a true calling I received from God on the way to church in June of 2016.  I had been lecturing my boyfriend's son all morning on how he needed to find out what he is truly passionate about and utilize that passion to find his purpose in life.   Then I heard the voice...


With The Statement Piece, I want to celebrate and feature fashion, of course, but more than that, I want to honor ALL types of women and their styles who make a statement in my life, including: Women I meet along my daily walk; classic fashion icons who have come before us and those who are still living today; and those unfamiliar women. I’m talking about women of the world that you may not have heard of but, make a statement nonetheless. Women like my mother and other special women in our lives. I'm hoping to accomplish this by utilizing my friends (The Statement Girls), who I call my “un-biological sisters.” We may not share the same DNA but I believe we’re connected in the heart, mind, and spirit.


By utilizing The Statement Piece as a platform, my hope is to touch and inspire young girls and women all over the world. Not by means of vanity alone, but by means of recognizing self-worth through sprucing up their confidence, self-assurance,  and awareness.  These are the best statements a woman can make.


It's time to make a statement by having womanly pride and self-worth, through self-expression.


​Antoinette Marie

Founder  & Creative Fashion Director

©2017 by The Statement Piece