ABOUT The Statement Piece

Because Every Woman Deserves to Make a Statement!




Starting as a fashion blog in 2016, The Statement Piece has involved into a statement making  fashion brand that feature fashion of course, but more than that it honors and  celebrates ALL types of women and their styles who make a statement in life.  Women you may have met along your daily walk; classy fashion icons who have come before us and those who are still living today; and those unfamiliar women.  I’m talking about women of the world that you may not have heard of but make a statement nonetheless. Women like  our mothers and other special women in our lives.  The Statement Piece  hopes to accomplish this by utilizing a diverse group of elite models  called The Statement Girls,  


By utilizing The Statement Piece fashion brand as a platform, our hope is to touch and inspire  women of all ages, size, race and culture all over the world.  Not by means of vanity alone, but by means of helping women to recognize their self-worth through sprucing up their confidence, self-assurance, and awareness.  These are the best statements a woman can make.


It's time to make a statement by having womanly pride and self-worth, through self-expression. 

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